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About us

GT+Logistics is a provider of logistics services for industry and commerce. Our capabilities cover a broad range of logistics services – from recommending a solution for your product distribution, to the execution of critical activities along the distribution process, such as port maneuvers, cross-dock, storage, shipment tracking, transportation, customs brokerage and material handling services.

In GT+Logistics, we know that with our excellent infrastructure, information system and experienced management, we can offer a logistic solution that helps to achieve your goals.

Get to know us

GT+Logistics is a company that belongs GT Global, one of the largest companies located in the northeastern Mexico. GT+Logistics began operations more than 50 years ago in Mexico, under the name of Almacenes Miramar, just around the time when the agricultural industry in the area was beginning to expand. We have facilities in Altamira, Manzanillo, Veracruz, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Estado de México and representative office in Houston, TX.

To offer custom global solutions under the highest quality standards for the petrochemical, energy and food industry.

To be a world-class company, committed to its customers, suppliers and stockholders and leader in providing tailor made logistics solutions in Mexico.

Experience 100%
Equipment and facilities 100%
Technology 100%
Service 100%

Our locations

All of our locations develop continuous improvement based in ISO 9001:2015 methodology. We rely on operating reviews to evaluate and discuss means and methods for operational improvements.

Veracruz Port
Veracruz PortThe Port of Mexico
Veracruz facility is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is close to the busiest port in all of Mexico thanks to its strategic geographical position and connections with the major markets. It is an artificial port which proximity to Mexico City reduces transportation costs and transit time.
Our infrastructure includes:
– cold storage room of 700 m2 (7,534 ft2)
– 2,000 m2 of available space
– 100 m2 of controlled temperature storage.
AltamiraMexico’s biggest Industrial port complex.
The Altamira facility is located in the Gulf of Mexico close to one of the most active ports in all of Mexico. It is an artificial port, and as such it was designed for large future expansion in more than 9,500 hectares of territorial reserve.
. Our vast infrastructure includes:
26,000 m2 (152,848 ft2) of warehouse space
14,000 m2 (150,000 ft2) of yard space
Rail spur can accommodate 18 railcars
100 m2 (1,076 ft2) of controlled temperature room
400 m2 (4,305 ft2) of cold storage
In-bond área
Manzanillo Port
Manzanillo Port #1 container port in Mexico
The Manzanillo facility is located in the Pacific coast of Mexico, close to the Port of Manzanillo which is the No. 1 port for container traffic in Mexico Its close proximity to main consumption centers reduces inland transportation costs.
Our infrastructure includes:
2,500 m2 (26,909 ft2)
Truck weighing station
Immediate access to main highway
Container yard and equipment
Office space
MonterreyMonterrey is a major industrial center in northern Mexico
The city is anchor to the third-largest metropolitan area in Mexico and is ranked as the ninth-largest city in the nation. Monterrey serves as a commercial center in the north of the country and is the base of many significant international corporations.

Located strategically at FINSA Santa Catarina Industrial Park, which is the entrance of Nuevo Leon state where important industrial and business activities take place. Our infrastructure allows business to connect with the central and northern region of the country. We have a logistics hub with a 37,673 sq. ft. grade “A” storage area.

Altamira - Cold Storage Warehouse
Altamira - Cold Storage WarehouseState of the art facility at the Port of Altamira
Located strategically to serve your export and import operations that require below zero temperatures.

– 8,611 sq. ft. of storage area
– 1,076 sq. ft. preparation area